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Ceetiz affiliation programme

Frequently asked questions

On this page you will find the most frequently asked questions from our (future) partners.
However, if you cannot find the response you are looking for, you can also contact us by emailing the Partnership Service.

You are not yet a Ceetiz Partner

Yes, the Ceetiz Partnership program is completely free! No activation or subscription fees!
Better still, it will earn you money!
Go to the Become a Partner section of our website to register.

It only takes a few minutes, but to make life simpler remember to have your corporate information and bank details to hand. These details are essential for allowing Ceetiz to pay the commissions that you generate.

You will receive a first email confirming your registration request, and then a second email confirming that you have joined the Ceetiz affiliation program.

Please note that before final acceptance, you must provide us with all of the information requested on the registration form.

Ceetiz reserves the right to accept or reject requests to join its affiliation program.
Ceetiz offers travel agencies a range of online and offline solutions and pays them commission for the bookings they generate.

For more information, contact the Partnership Service.
You can reference as many websites as you wish as part of your Ceetiz partnership program, and customise the banners and/or widgets that you want to publish on each site.

For each site referenced, your partner space (one partner space per website referenced) will show you a detailed list of the commission generated.
The Ceetiz tourist activities are available in several languages and currencies in order to meet our visitors' expectations.

When you register, you will be able to define your publication languages and currencies.
We offer the possibility of being paid in one of the main international currencies (EUR, USD, GBP). You will be able to select this information when you register.
You must promote the tourist activities offered by Ceetiz through the use of banners, widgets and/or any other content that we make available to you.

To do so, you must not alter or modify the marketing tools that we have supplied (modification/alteration of the links or widgets, modification of the banner design, etc.).

You also commit to responding to any requests for information from our Partnership department.
We commit to:
  • supplying you with the necessary tools and support for promoting the tourist services offered by Ceetiz.
  • responding to any technical or marketing questions that you may have about marketing the services on the Ceetiz websites.
No. But we work very hard to make sure it is the best!

You are already a Ceetiz Partner

By simply going to the "My account" section on partners.ceetiz.com
In your partner space, you have a dashboard that shows you:
  • the business volume and commissions generated via your website (in the currency that you selected when registering), for the current month and since your last commission was paid,
  • the number of orders and bookings for the current month and since your last commission was paid.

In the reporting menu, you can see the details of the bookings generated via your website (date of booking, date of use, booking n°, activity name, destination, booking status, price paid by the customer, commission). You can also export this data to csv format.
Ceetiz commits to paying you a minimum commission of 6% based on the price (including tax) of each service sold through your website and used by customers.

The Ceetiz Partnership program also offers a sliding pay scale depending on the business volume generated by our partners.
Commission is:
  • paid monthly, and calculated based on the services (sold through your website) that have been used by customers the previous month,
  • determined by a minimum commission amount that you must achieve, which is fixed at €60, $100 or £70 depending on the payment currency you have chosen.

In the event that this minimum threshold is not reached by the partner in the space of a month, payment of the commission is postponed each month until the minimum amount for payment to be made has been reached.

Commission is generally paid by bank transfer (by cheque in exceptional circumstances).
If a customer cancels their booking or the booking is subject to a refund in the case of a problem with the service or card fraud, this booking will not lead to any commission being paid.