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Ceetiz affiliation programme

General conditions of affiliation

The general conditions of affiliation, listed below, define the relationship between CEETIZ (hereafter named CEETIZ) and any natural or legal person (hereafter the AFFILIATE) generating bookings for tourist activities (hereafter the ACTIVITIES) marketed by CEETIZ in return for a commission (COMMISSION), as described below.


The AFFILIATE commits to promoting the ACTIVITIES among their customers by setting up a link between their website(s) and the CEETIZ websites according to the affiliation conditions stated in this agreement.

The customers of AFFILIATES will benefit from the same offers and services as all other CEETIZ customers.


2.1 CEETIZ grants the AFFILIATE, on a non-exclusive and non-transferable basis, and only for the duration of the contract:

  • the right to access the CEETIZ sites exclusively via HTML links, such as text links, banners, widgets or any other online marketing support, named the "HTML TOOLS", made available by CEETIZ.
  • the right to use the logos, names and trademarks, or any other similar marketing material, referred to collectively as "MARKETING TOOLS".

2.2 CEETIZ commits to providing the AFFILIATE with the HTML TOOLS, which can be published on the AFFILIATE's website(s), for the purpose of creating a link between their website(s) and those of CEETIZ, allowing the AFFILIATE's customers to book activities on the CEETIZ websites.

2.3 CEETIZ supplies the AFFILIATE with an online administration account secured with a username and password, allowing the latter to identify and monitor the purchase of ACTIVITIES by its customers.

2.4 If no sale of ACTIVITIES has taken place for a period of 180 consecutive days, the AFFILIATE's account will be considered inactive and will be closed, unless otherwise requested in writing (email or post) by the AFFILIATE, 30 days before the expiry of the 180-day period.

2.5 CEETIZ reserves the right to audit the AFFILIATE's website(s) in order to ensure that the HTML TOOLS that redirect to the CEETIZ websites are correctly implemented.

2.6 In its sole discretion, CEETIZ will consider whether the HTML tools linking the AFFILIATE sites to the CEETIZ sites are used appropriately or inappropriately. It is also explicitly understood that any use of the affiliate program by a site offering discounts via promotional codes issued by Ceetiz and which are not intended for them, is considered inappropriate. From then on, CEETIZ will be brought either to:

  • Inform the AFFILIA by email of the modifications that the latter must make. In addition, corrections must be made within 7 calendar days of receipt of the request. In case of breach of its obligations, CEETIZ reserves the right to terminate the contract in advance by simple written notification (by post or email).
  • Denounce this contract, 15 days after notification in writing (mail or email) of its decision to AFFILIATE.


3.1 Under no circumstances may the AFFILIATE alter or modify the HTML and MARKETING TOOLS supplied by CEETIZ.

3.2 The AFFILIATE is authorised to use the HTML and MARKETING TOOLS only for the duration of the affiliation contract binding it to CEETIZ.

3.3 The AFFILIATE grants CEETIZ, for the entire duration of the contract, on a non-exclusive and non-transferable basis, the right to use its name, trademark, logo, and any other equivalent information for communicating, promoting and marketing the ACTIVITIES references by CEETIZ.

3.4 CEETIZ is not subject to any obligation to promote the AFFILIATE.

3.5 Under no circumstances may the AFFILIATE's domain names contain the word "CEETIZ".

3.6 The AFFILIATES commit to not seeking to acquire the CEETIZ domain names or contracting with a third party to make use of the CEETIZ name with the aim of appearing in search engine results, or for any other reason. The violation of this commitment will result in the immediate termination of this affiliation contract linking the AFFILIATE to CEETIZ.

3.7 Following the termination of the affiliation contract for any reason whatsoever, the AFFILIATE commits to immediately removing the HTML and MARKETING TOOLS that link to the CEETIZ website from its own website(s).

3.8 The AFFILIATES are obliged to offer CEETIZ ACTIVITIES at the price recommended by CEETIZ.

3.9 All booking requests from an AFFILIATE's customer will be subject to prior acceptance by CEETIZ, under its general conditions of sale.


4.1 CEETIZ commits to paying a basic COMMISSION of 8% to its AFFILIATES, calculated on the basis of the Sale Price including tax of any ACTIVITY booked and used (after deducting any cancellations and/or reimbursements) by the AFFILIATE's customers. The COMMISSION will be calculated and paid based on the payment currency selected by the AFFILIATE at the time of registering with the affiliation programme.

4.2 CEETIZ reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to offer its AFFILIATES a higher rate of COMMISSION than the basic rate of COMMISSION of 8% (cf. 4.1).

4.3 COMMISSION will be paid to the AFFILIATE by CEETIZ monthly, based on the ACTIVITIES used the previous month by the AFFILIATE's customers.

4.4 In the event that the COMMISSION amount to be paid to the AFFILIATE is lower than €60, $100 or £70 (depending on the payment currency chosen by the AFFILIATE when registering), payment will be withheld until the following month and until the COMMISSION amount is equal to or greater than the sums mentioned above.

4.5 Should the validity of this agreement expire, CEETIZ commits to paying the AFFILIATE the remaining COMMISSION due in accordance with the fixed payment schedule (cf. paragraph 4.3), even if the COMMISSION is lower than the amounts mentioned in paragraph 4.4.

4.6 Payment will be made by Bank Transfer or Cheque depending on the destination of the payment. In all cases, the AFFILIATE will be obliged to supply CEETIZ with their full bank details at the time of registering for the AFFILIATION programme.

4.7 In the case of a dispute or rejection by the AFFILIATE's customer of an ACTIVITY that the AFFILIATE has already been paid for, CEETIZ will deduct the associated COMMISSION that has already been paid to the AFFILIATE from the following monthly payment. In the event that the AFFILIATE is not owed any further payment by CEETIZ, CEETIZ will invoice the AFFILIATE for the overpayment to the latter. The AFFILIATE commits to reimbursing CEETIZ within 30 days following the date of issue of the invoice.

4.8 CEETIZ makes no commitment to the volumes of COMMISSION likely to be generated by the AFFILIATE.

4.9 For each activity consumed by the client, the amount of the compensation granted by CEETIZ to the AFFILIATE will be limited to the amount of the compensation returned to Ceetiz by the activity's provider.


5.1 With the exception of the HTML and MARKETING TOOLS supplied by Ceetiz and payment for the ACTIVITIES by customers through CEETIZ, the AFFILIATE releases CEETIZ from all responsibility regarding complaints, compensation or expenses (including, without limitation, solicitors' fees) that may be claimed from the AFFILIATE by the customer as a result of the development and maintenance of its own websites and any content distributed on these websites.

5.2 With the exception of paragraph 4.1, CEETIZ may, at its sole discretion, modify the terms and conditions of this contract at any time, subject to notifying its AFFILIATES via the email address provided by the AFFILIATE at the time of registering for the affiliation programme. In addition, the notification sent to the AFFILIATES will contain a link redirecting them to the page listing the modified general conditions of affiliation. If a modification is not accepted by the AFFILIATE, the latter will be free to terminate this agreement within a period of 15 days following the date of receipt of their letter of termination. Furthermore, should the AFFILIATE not reply in writing within thirty (30) days of the email notification sent by CEETIZ, the new general conditions will be considered to have been accepted by the AFFILIATE.

5.3 Under this agreement, CEETIZ may not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages relating to loss of income, earnings or data, even if CEETIZ has been advised of the possibility of such damages. For whatever reasons, the responsibility of CEETIZ arising from this agreement may not exceed the total of the fees paid or payable to the AFFILIATE under this Agreement.

5.4 CEETIZ cannot guarantee that its website(s) will function without interruption. CEETIZ therefore cannot be held responsible for the consequences of a service interruption, or the presence of an error on one of its websites.

5.5 The AFFILIATE grants CEETIZ the right to solicit their customers as part of its business.

5.6 It is understood that the AFFILIATE and CEETIZ are two independent companies. In the case of a dispute, French law will be applicable and the only competent court will be the Court of Paris.

5.7 The AFFILIATE guarantees CEETIZ, with the exception of the conditions of use defined in this contract, that they will not use the tools and material made available by CEETIZ, the CEETIZ brand or its components (including marketing campaigns on search engines, public relations campaigns, the use of the CEETIZ brand and its domain names and associated logos, any online/offline advertisement or marketing campaign, etc.) for any other purposes, whether directly or indirectly, without the prior written agreement of CEETIZ.

5.8 Concerning CEETIZ suppliers, the AFFILIATE guarantees that they will not use, whether directly or indirectly, the brands, components and logos of the CEETIZ suppliers (including marketing campaigns on search engines, public relations campaigns, the use of the CEETIZ brand and its domain names and associated logos, any online/offline advertisement or marketing campaign, etc.) without the prior written agreement of CEETIZ in accordance with the communication authorisations defined by the suppliers themselves, at their sole discretion.

Among the brands whose suppliers have expressed the desire for no communication are:

  • partner.ceetiz.com
  • GO CARD (Boston, Chicago...)

5.9 The AFFILIATE acknowledges having fully understood this agreement and accepted the terms and conditions.

5.10 It is the responsibility of partners and bloggers to establish billing according to the tax rules in force and according to its status and taxation of its country of registration.


The duration of the affiliation contract between CEETIZ and the AFFILIATE is set at one (1) year from the date of acceptance of the affiliation agreement by CEETIZ, and this agreement will be renewed by tacit consent each year.

Each of the parties may terminate the contract at their convenience in writing (email or post), with prior notice of 30 days.

Any termination or breach of contract will not affect the conditions previously agreed during the validity period of the contract.